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On motion of Mt. Browning, seconded by ~ir. Apperson, it is resolved that the Treasurer <br />of the County be and he hereby is reques£ed to make the following transfers: <br /> <br />Transfer ~rom the unappropriated surplus of the <br />~i~TER INS~.LaTION FUND to the COUNT~ WATER <br />~ONST~ UCTI ON FUND <br /> <br />Transfer f~om the, unappropriated surplus of the <br />SEWE[d SERVICE INS f~LLaTION ~ UND to the COUNTY SEWE~ <br />CONO T~ ~S TI ON ~'UND <br /> <br />Resolution directing tBe Treasurer to transfer from <br />the SEWER REVENUE FUND to the COUNTY SEWER OPERa. TING <br />FUND <br /> <br />In the future, as of the first day of e ac h,, month beginning <br />April l, 1965, transfer from the SEWER ~EVENJE FUND the <br />necessary monies eaual to One(~) month's appropriation to <br />the S~ER OPE~t~TING FUND. <br /> <br />~75,OOO.O0 <br /> <br />50,000.00 <br /> <br />62,~15.OO <br /> <br />On motion of Mr.A~person, seconded by ~ir.Martin, it is resolved that sewer contract <br />S-6501~D for t~e installation of sewers inGreenf~eld' Subdivision~ Section D, be, <br />and it hereby is approved. <br /> <br />This day the Board considered the request of the County Engineering Department of <br />Chesterfield County to abandon a portion of the sewer easement acquired by the <br />County of Chesterfield by Agreement between Park Building Corporation and the <br />County of Chesterfield, Virginia, dated November 13, 196~, and recorded March 1, <br />1965 in Deed Book 782, Page 107, in the Clerk's Office of the Circuit Court of <br />Chesterfield County, Virginia. The portion of such easement to be abandoned is <br />shown on a plat of R.Stuart Royer and Associates, dated March 12, 1965~ attached to <br />the deed of Abandonment. <br /> <br /> NOW, THEREFOr<E, on motion of ~r. Britton, seconded by Mr. Browi~g, be it <br />Resolved: That the Chairman and Clerk of this Board are a,~thorized to execute <br />the deed relinquishing and releasing a portion of the aforesaid easement to Park <br />Building Corporation, and deliver the deed to it. <br /> <br />On motion of M~r. Goyne, seconded by Mr.Britton, it is resolved that the County <br />accepts ~6699.?1 from the Howard Construction Company as full payment forthe damages <br />to County water lines b~ the installation of sewers. <br /> <br />The County Engineer Sriefly explained the sewer construction problems on the <br />Leonard property, <br /> <br />On motion of Mr. Britton, seconded by Mt.Browning, it is resolved that Holdcroft <br />Road in Warwick Acres, be and the same is hereby changed to V~indcroft Road. <br /> <br />On motion of Mr. Goyne, saconded by ~'~r. Browning, it is resolved that the request of <br />the Enon Fire Department for certain changes in their telephone facilities be and <br />the same are hereby approved. <br /> <br />Mr. Browning made a report on a meeting held in his area concerning Holloway Avenue <br />and l~aised certain questions concerning the design of road improvements. Upon <br />consideration whereof, and on mo~ion of Mr. Browning, seconded by Mr. Goyne, it is <br />resolved that the Resident Engineer of tBe Highway Department be requested to give <br />the proposed ditch dimensions on Holloway Avenue, from the creek southwardly to <br />Rt.36 so that misunderstanding in the acquiring of rights of way can be avoided. <br /> <br />On motion of Mr. Browning, seconded by Mr. Martin, it is resolved that the County <br />pay the cost of installing a drains ge pipe across Orange Hill Avenue and to pay <br />same from the drainage fund of the County. <br /> <br />There arose a disc~ssion concerning the Vendor's Tax. After a general exchange <br />of ideas on this matter, it i s on motion of Mr. Britton, secorfle~ by Mr.Goyne, ~- <br />sol,ed that the Commonwealth's Attorney and the Executive Secretary be requested t~ <br />prepare a suggested Ordinance imposing a Vendor's Tax of 2~ of gross retail sales <br />of tangible personal p~perty considering the ordinances of Henrico, Petersburg <br />and Richmond, and specifying the limitations of a maximnm ~.00 tax on one sale and <br />other exemptions. It is here noted that Mr. A~person votes No. <br /> <br />On motion of Ma~.Browning, seconded by Mr. Britton, it is resolved that this Board <br />approves the shifting of an easement in Warwick Acres Subdivision for utility <br />and drainage purposes, subject to the approval of the County Engineer and the <br />Commonwealth' s Attorney. <br /> <br /> <br />