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Ms. Haley thanked Mr. Nankervis and his staff for the great <br />work they do every day. <br />3.B. GENERAL ASSEMBLY UPDATE <br />Ms. Mary Ann Curtin, Director of Intergovernmental Affairs, <br />presented a brief update to the Board of Supervisors on the <br />status of several bills before the General Assembly. She <br />stated there are a number of bills that would equalize the <br />powers of counties with cities and towns in terms of taxing <br />authority and some bills specific to a meals tax or cigarette <br />tax, all of which are anticipated to be rolled into an <br />omnibus bill, HB785, that is being carried by Delegate Watts. <br />She further stated the governor has an omnibus transportation <br />bill which, among other things, includes language correcting <br />an inadvertent deletion pertaining to local vehicle <br />registration fees. She discussed Delegate Delores McQuinn's <br />bill, HB1541, which would create a Central Virginia <br />Transportation Authority. She noted Delegate Ware has <br />requested the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission <br />(JLARC) to study the Compensation Board funding process for <br />constitutional officers, which was a topic discussed at the <br />December 2019 meeting with the county's local delegation. She <br />discussed favorable budget amendment requests including an <br />increase in jail per diems; disbursement of federal Help <br />America Vote Act money directly to localities to deal with <br />election security issues; bringing HB599 monies up to where <br />they are supposed to be, growing with the state general fund; <br />elimination of the current diversion of $2 million from the <br />Communications Sales and Use Tax, which is a local revenue <br />that flows through the state budget; funding for no excuse <br />absentee voting implementation; general fund restorations for <br />local Community Services Boards to make up for funding gaps <br />caused by Medicaid expansion; and correction of an <br />inadvertent deletion from the state budget allowing the group <br />studying body worn cameras to continue. She stated budgets <br />will become public on February 16, 2020. <br />In response to Mr. Holland's request for continued updates <br />pertaining to transportation and educational funding, Ms. <br />Curtin stated she would be watching education funding closely <br />due to potential efforts to change the composite index which <br />could have a negative impact on the county. <br />3.C. REAL ESTATE HOUSING MARKET AND REGIONAL HOUSING <br />FRAMEWORK PLAN UPDATES <br />Ms. Laura Lafayette, Chief Executive Officer, Richmond <br />Association of Realtors, accompanied by Ms. Elizabeth <br />Greenfield, Executive Director, Partnership for Housing <br />Affordability, provided the Board with an overview of the <br />county's real estate market. Ms. Lafayette noted Chesterfield <br />leads the region in real estate sales. She reviewed key <br />metrics for single family homes and condominiums/townhomes in <br />the months of December 2018 and December 2019 and compared <br />them to year-to-date metrics for 2018 and 2019. She compared <br />median sales prices in Chesterfield to the Central Virginia <br />20-13 <br />1/22/2020 <br />IK <br />Ic <br />P] <br />