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<br />-. <br /> <br />ENGIN:t;BRING AND UTILITIES DEPARTVt,NT <br />COUNTY OF CHESTEF2IELD <br />AGENDA FOR THE MEETING OF THE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS <br />DECEMBER 30, 1974 <br /> <br />I. Approval of water contracts: <br />1. W74-58CDiL Providence Road <br />Contractor: County <br /> <br />$5,390.00 <br /> <br />II. Award of bid on water contracts: <br />1. W74-46CD Bellwood Road to Van Doren Bros. in amount <br />of $32,346.50. <br /> <br />III. (a) Resolution authorizing agreement with ~he Seaboard Coast Line <br />Railroad Co. for a crossing at a point 1,338 feet north of Mile <br />Post SAC-9 (Cont. W74-46CD) <br /> <br />(b) Resolution authorizing agreement with the Seaboard Coast Line <br />Railroad Co. for a crossing at a point 2,510 feet north of Mile <br />Post SAC-IS (Cont. W74~61CD) <br /> <br />IV. (a)Reso1ution authorizing the purchase of parcel of property sh&n <br />on map section 98-14 from Stratos Strat and Helen S. strat(his Wife) <br />for $7,000.00 for use as elevated tank site. <br /> <br />(b) Resolution authorizins purchase of lots 13, 14 and 15, tax map <br />section 136-9, from Robert A. Ledford for $6,000.00 to be used for <br />Enon sewage Pumping Station.f ~,-e';:dP""ft;.fCiX-tA- <br /> <br />V. Request for acceptance of a letter from Winfree Slater concerning <br />water line on McRae street. <br /> <br />VI. Request for water extension on Happy Hill Road. <br /> <br />VII. Request for fire hydrants on Warren Avenue. <br /> <br />VIII. Approval of sewer contracts: <br />1. S74-76D Belmont Hills West - Section "A" $71,609.25 <br />R.M.C. Contractors. Inc. <br /> <br />I~'( .. ~":t \v ard C) i C\:)n'c r: de t s --; .-:~ ,~. '~~):.i: "~_ t...J c-' C' -..:2(1 <br /> <br />'.n~,3 C!Jo3tructi(JIl CC)~I l.~c~ ~~ <br /> <br />the 2.iLlOunt of $ 3,685.20 for sewer line in Burge l-\venue, D3.1e Height::>. <br /> <br />X. Approval of change orders: <br />1. Change order No.1, Contract 70J2-4A in amount of $1,546.00 <br />2. Change order No.2, Contract 7032-5A credit in the amount of <br />$45,000.00 <br /> <br />XI. Request authoriz~tio~ to spend $19,570.00 for reproducable phOt03 - <br />Scale I" = 200' and 1" = 400' <br /> <br />XII. Discuss Status of Roads in County. <br /> <br />Robert A. Painter <br />county Engineer <br />December 26, 1974 <br />