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facility costs as follows: $5,331 for schools, $602 for parks and <br />recreation, $348 for library facilities, $8,915 for roads, and $404 for <br />fire stations; or <br />b. The amount approved by the Board of Supervisors not to exceed <br />$15,600 per dwelling unit prorated as set forth above and adjusted <br />upward by any increase in the Marshall and Swift Building Cost <br />Index between July 1, 2006 and July 1 of the fiscal year in which <br />the payment is made if paid after June 30, 2007. <br />c. If, upon the mutual agreement of the Transportation Department <br />and the Applicant, the Applicant provides road improvements (the <br />"Improvements"), other than the improvements identified in <br />proffered condition 4 as set forth below, then the transportation <br />component in this Proffered Condition shall be reduced by an <br />amount not to exceed the cost to construct the Improvements so <br />long as the cost is of equal or greater value than that which would <br />have been collected through the payment(s) of the road component <br />of the cash proffer as determined by the Transportation <br />Department. Once the sum total amount of the cash proffer credit <br />exceeds the cost of the Improvements, as determined by the <br />Transportation Department, thereafter the Applicant shall <br />commence paying the cash proffer as set forth in this Proffered <br />Condition as adjusted for the credit. For the purposes of this <br />proffer, the costs, as approved by the Transportation Department, <br />shall include, but not be limited to, the cost of right-of way <br />acquisition, engineering costs, costs of relocating ut111t1eS and <br />actual costs of construction (including labor, materials, and <br />overhead) ("Work"). Before any Work is performed, the <br />Applicant shall receive prior written approval by the <br />Transportation Department for the Improvements and any credit <br />amount. <br />d. Cash proffer payments shall be spent for the purposes proffered or <br />as otherwise permitted by law. (B & M) <br />(CPC) 4. Density. The total number of residential dwelling units on the Property <br />shall not exceed 2.0 dwelling units per acre. (P) <br />(CPC) 5. An overall drainage plan for the proposed lots will be submitted to and <br />approved by the Department of Environmental Engineer prior to <br />recordation of the lots. (EE) <br />(CPC) 6. The Textual Statement dated February 22, 2008 shall be considered the <br />Master Plan. (P) <br />3 08SN0159 JUL30-BOS-RPT <br />