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GENERAL INFORMATION <br />T,ncati~n~ <br />Southern terminus of Stockport Place and western terminus of Hereld Green Drive. Tax <br />ID 748-674-3597. <br />Existing Zoning: <br />A and R-7 <br />Size: <br />4.2 acres <br />Existing Land Use: <br />Vacant <br />Adjacent Zoning and Land Use: <br />North and East - R-7; Single family residential <br />South -Route 288 <br />West - A; Single family residential <br />T TTTT TTTF C <br />Public Water System: <br />The public water system is available. There is an existing eight (8) inch water line <br />extending along Stockport Place that terminates adjacent to the northwestern boundary of <br />the request site. In addition, a six (6) inch water line extends along Hereld Green Drive and <br />terminates adjacent to the northeastern boundary of this site. Use of the public water system <br />is intended (Proffered Condition 2). To insure water quality, water line tie-ins will be <br />required to the existing eight (8) inch line in Stockport Place as well as the existing six (6) <br />inch line in Hereld Green Drive. <br />Public Wastewater System: <br />The public wastewater system is available. An eight (8) inch wastewater collector line <br />extends southward along Stockport Place, crosses the northern boundary of the request site <br />and continues to the east along Hereld Green Drive. Use of the public wastewater system is <br />intended. (Proffered Condition 2) <br />4 08SN0159 JUL30-BOS-RPT <br />