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ENVIRONMENTAL <br />Drainage and Erosion: <br />The subject property drains toward the cul-de-sac in Qualla Farms, Section F, and/or <br />swales and storm sewer to a tributary of Swift Creek. There are no known on- or off site <br />erosion problems and none are anticipated after development; however, on-site drainage <br />problems have existed to the rear of three (3) lots adjacent to this proposed development. <br />Working with the developer and the contractor, the drainage problems have become <br />manageable. The additional impervious areas will cause the problem to reappear. Since <br />erosion control/construction plans will not be required since road construction to <br />accommodate this development is not anticipated, it is critical that an overall drainage <br />plan for the proposed lots be submitted and approved by the Department of <br />Environmental Engineering prior to recordation of the lots. (Proffered Condition 5) <br />A portion of the property adjacent to Route 288 is wooded and, as such, should not be <br />timbered without obtaining a land disturbance permit. This will ensure that adequate <br />erosion control measures are in place prior to any land disturbance. (Proffered Condition <br />1) <br />PUBLIC FACILITIES <br />The need for fire, school, library, park and transportation facilities is identified in the County's <br />adopted Public Facilities Plan, the Thoroughfare Plan and the adopted Capital Improvement <br />Pro ram and further detailed by specific departments in the applicable sections of this request <br />ana ysis. <br />Fire Service: <br />The Public Facilities Plan indicates that fire and emergency medical service (EMS) calls <br />are expected to increase forty-four (44) to seventy-eight (78) percent by 2022. Six (6) <br />new fire/rescue stations are recommended for construction by 2022 in the Plan. In <br />addition to the six (6) new stations, the Plan also recommends the expansion of five (5) <br />existing stations. Based on eight (8) dwelling units, this request will generate <br />approximately two (2) calls for fire and emergency medical service each year. The <br />applicant has not adequately addressed the impact on fire and EMS. (Proffered Condition <br />3) <br />The Rockwood Fire Station 24 and Manchester Volunteer Rescue Squad currently <br />provide fire protection and emergency medical service. When the property is developed, <br />the number of hydrants, quantity of water needed for fire protection, and access <br />requirements will be evaluated during the plans review process. <br />5 08SN0159 JUL30-BOS-RPT <br />