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BOARD OF SUPERVISORS <br />MINUTES <br />September 2, 2020 <br />Supervisors in Attendance (Virtual Platform): <br />• Ms. Leslie A. T. Haley, Chair <br />Mr. Kevin P. Carroll, Vice Chair <br />Mr. James A. Ingle, Jr. <br />Mr. Christopher M. Winslow <br />Mr. James M. Holland <br />Dr. Joseph P. Casey <br />County Administrator <br />Ms. Haley called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. <br />1. REQUESTS TO POSTPONE AGENDA ITEMS AND ADDITIONS, <br />DELETIONS OR CHANGES IN THE ORDER OF PRESENTATION <br />There were no requests to postpone agenda items, additions, <br />deletions or changes in the order of presentation at this time. <br />2. PUBLIC HEARINGS <br />02.A. PUBLIC HEARING TO CONSIDER ESTABLISHMENT OF TWO <br />ADDITIONAL SATELLITE ABSENTEE VOTING LOCATIONS <br />Ms. Constance Hargrove, Registrar, stated this date and time <br />has been advertised for a public hearing for the Board to <br />consider the establishment of two additional satellite voting <br />locations. She further stated three comments were received from <br />citizens for the public hearing. She acknowledged the many <br />departments and personnel who have assisted her office over <br />the last several months. She noted the first difficulty of the <br />upcoming election is the fact that the laws are constantly <br />changing, and she is required to train all officers of election <br />every time there is a law change. She noted one citizen's <br />concerns relative to the lateness of recruiting and training <br />officers of election and stated there is ample time for <br />recruitment and training. She stated the second challenge is <br />No Excuse Absentee Voting which has created confusion. She <br />explained the difference between absentee/early voting and <br />vote -by -mail voting, noting only vote -by -mail voting requires <br />an application. She stated the third challenge is the <br />requirement to receive late ballots which must be counted <br />through noon on Friday after the election before certifying <br />• the election. She provided details of her plan to provide <br />scanners and electronic poll books at each polling place as <br />well as her plan to accommodate social distancing for poll <br />workers. <br />In response to Mr. Carroll's question relative to which polling <br />places have more than 4,000 registered voters in the Matoaca <br />20-647 <br />9/2/2020 <br />