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<br />VIRGINIA: At an adjourned roesting of <br />the Board of Supervisors eft <br />Chesterfield County. held at <br />the Courthouse ob January 21. <br />1~47. at 8:00 p.m. <br /> <br />Present: <br /> <br />H.L. Chalkley. Chairman <br />J.G. Hening <br />H.T. Goyne <br />v; .A. Horner <br />T.D. Watkins <br />P.W. CoviIlfton <br /> <br />This day the matter of additional compensation qr bonus for the school teachers of <br />Chesterfield County which had been deferred from a previous meeting was again con- <br />sidered and Mr. E.S.H. Greene. Supt. of Schools of Chesterfield County stated he <br />had been informed by the State Department of Education that the recent session of <br />the General Assembly had provided funds \"ihich vould mean a contribution to Chester- <br />field County of $23.064.88, more or less. and that in order to obtain the same it <br />v'ould be necessary that the County at least e.ppropriate 30% of this amount. which <br />would be $6.~Hl.46. but that in view of 8. resolution of the School Board of Chester- <br />fie ld County under date of December 11, H146. he was requestiIl€ that Chesterfield <br />County appropriate tte sume of $16.820.00 to be added to the appropriation of the <br />State in order that all teachers in Chesterfield Cour.ty would receive a ~[.QO.OO <br />bonus for the school year of 1946-'47. Upon consideration whereof, and on motion <br />of J.G. Hening, it is I'9so1ved that the sum of $6,919.46 or the 30$~ of wuch amount <br />as the state may appropriate, be appropriated to the School Board of Chesterfield <br />County for a bonus to the teachers for the year 1~46-t47. <br /> <br />vihereupou. I.:r. H.T. Goyne, offered a substitute moticll, which was - "Be it resolved <br />that the Board of Supervisors of Chesterfield County appropriate the sun of $16.820. 0 <br />to the School Board of ChGsterfield County for an addition to the amount contribute~ <br />by tr.e State of Virginia, in order tba t the teachers of Che sterfie Id C01..nty :!:lay <br />received a honus of $20C.00 for the 1946-'47 session." This motion failed for the <br />want of e second. <br /> <br />This day the Executive Secretary presented the tentative allocations of the funas fo <br />the Secondary Highway System in Chesterfield County for the year 1947-'48. beginning <br />July 1. 1947. which allocation was rec0ived and filed. <br /> <br />This day tTr. P.\l. Sr.r:lad, District Enfineer. Virginia Department of Hiehways. apnear- <br />ad before tho Board stating that a survey previously rGQuested by the Board of Su- <br />pervisors ,:,f the Granite Road. from the City limits of Richr10nd to the intersection <br />Nith Rt. 679, had been practically completed and that ih making the survey it appear <br />ed that 20me changes in the location should be made at the crossing of the Southern <br />Rd. of Powhite Creek at Granite. Upon considerutioL. whereof. and 011 notion of <br />'d.i\.. Borner, it iE' resolved that the [oard of Supervisors requests the Highway <br />Depcrtrnent to prepare a plan or.. the proposed changes ar...d submit same to the Beard <br />in order thRt the right-of-way may be acquired for this improv'ament. <br /> <br />This day Hr. P.v.. Snead. District Engineer. stated that the State Hith\laJ' Department <br />felt that it wou Id be very desirable to extend Rt. 636 (Nash Road) to the J..ppomatto::r. <br />TUver e.nd construct a bridge over the l~ppom8ttox River to connect with an extension <br />in Dinwiddie County. .I1.fter a discussion of this matter it 'Nas dCicided to hold the <br />matter over for a future meeting. <br /> <br />This day M.r. P.~.. Snead, District Engineer, Virginia Departmont of Hi{h\.a~'s stFited <br />there had been 8 number of requests for the ititprovement of Jahnke Poad. Et. 686) fro <br />thE: City Limits of Richmond to Bon Air. U;-on consideration whereof, end on .r.:otion <br />of ',:.A. Horner. it is resolved that t.he Virginis Department of Highways be and it <br />hereby 18 re'luested to make a survey of this road for inprovement ar.d location. <br /> <br />This day the l;x(ocuti va SGcretary read a letter from Mr. J. Gordon Penr.ett stating <br />that he had received and eyaminec. an audit of the records of the County of Chester- <br />field and J. Vir::. Dence. Treasurer. and that it complied with reerulatiolls established <br />by the 'illditor of Public rtccounts and therefore was acceptable by his office. which <br />latter was received end fil$d. <br /> <br />This day thO' Executive Sec:,'etary stateD that he he d rece! ved ,notice of the \.ar .hsset <br />sale to be ~eld iL. Ddnville, Pa. and there appeareC: to be materiels on this sale <br />'thich were I.eeded by the "Utilities Department of Checterfield County and inquired if <br />it ,vere the will of the Foard that this srl1e be inve~tifatod.. Upon ccnsiderntioll <br />'/ and Oil !"lotion of J.G. ReniL.E. it is re1:'olved that the Ex<c;cutive Secretary <br />be Rnd he hereby is inst:ructed to attend the sale of tto 'v:ar Assets AdlY'.inistration <br />in Danvi1le, Pg. f:nd pm.cL:::3e such I"'.'3terials as ',ou1d be to the advantr::ge of the <br />Dtiliti9s Department of Chesterfield County. <br /> <br />This day the matter of the water s:lGtem at Broad R'.)cl~ fi[ain came before the Foard, a d <br />it '.:as sUfg8sted by h .n.. BOlun that so far as that part of the system ',':h1 en. }'::.\r_ thr <br />C"c['h the sub'-liv1sion of nGhesterfie1d CO'Jrt" is cOLcorned, 1:e desired to iL.form the <br />Po~rd, 8S heretofore sDthorized. he tad doposited with the Tressurer of Chpsterfie1d <br />County') Governr'lent tend h. the amount of :;;'t,Oeo.oo. Upor. cor.siderc.tion ',:hereof uud <br />on motion c.f J .G. Haning, it i"' resclvec', th'1t tte ~~oard of Supervisors accept said <br />bond anci. direct the Trea.mirer to it in hi s recor'dr. ;..r~d be it further rr:lsol ve <br />tLat the Ex,-,cuti ve Secretar~r be Gnd he herebY is directed to c ulQulAte the retur::l fJ.: rr: <br />